Educate Culture and Histoy of Korea (ECHO-Korea) is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to provide teaching and learning materials to teachers and students in order to awareness of Korean culture and history.

Although the Korean community has been one of the fastest-growing Asian groups in the United States,
particularly in California, few school curriculum has been covered Korean culture and history in the CA public school system.

Last three years, ECHO-Korea staffs has published Korean history and culture books and multi-media materials. Now we focus on researching and developing lesson plans and hands-on project to provide to the classroom.

We are planning to provide educational programs to Korean-American, Korean adoptees, and children from other communities to learn about Korean history and culture through workshops, camps and book clubs.

  1. To manage and maintain a multi-service education program for Korean-American children, Korea adoptees, and children from other communities.
  2. To develop and provide educational, cultural, and historical contents and resources to the educators.  
  3. To educate the children with managing and maintaining the summer camp and leadership training to the children in the community
  4. To preserve and promote the Korean American cultural and historical heritage.
  5. To enhance understanding and appreciation among the Korean American community, American public and people of Korea. 

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